Ancient Step Well [ Baramotichi ]

Baramotichi Vihir in Limb village off Nagewadi, Satara. This well was completed in 1646 by Sau. Virubhai Bhosale and was meant to be a water source to all the farms around. The well is octagonal in shape and was built to look like dug-out shivling i.e. a vertical column with an arm extending to the side. It is 110 ft deep and 50 foot in diameter. This was not a traditional step-well like the ones in Rajasthan. A step-well is just a well with steps all along the sides which lead you to the bottom of the well. Of course, the design of the steps range from “just steps” to “intricately carved designs”. This one had steps from one side leading to the middle of the well from where there were look-out galleries.

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