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 2015 (2)

 February (1) - Bird Watching

Pink greater Flamingos @ Bhigwan

 January (1) - Wells

     Ancient step well [ Baramotichi ]

 2014 (15)

  June (1)  -  Forts Around Pune

      Malhargad { Also Known as Sonori Fort }

  May (3)  -  Forts Around Lonavala

     Korigad (also called Kumwarigad).
     Ghangad Fort
     Tikona Fort

  April (1)  -  Waterfall

Thoseghar Waterfall - ( Summer )

  March (3)  -  Caves

Kuda Caves
Bedse Caves
Ghoradeshwar Caves & Temple

 February (4) - Beaches in Sindhudurg

Redi Beach - Sindhudurg District
Shiroda - Velagar Beach - Sindhudurg District
Vengurla Beach - Sindhudurg District
Khavane Beach - Sindhudurg District

 January (3) - Beaches in Sindhudurg

Bhogwe Beach - Sindhudurg District
Nivati Beach - Sindhudurg District
Kille Nivati Beach - Sindhudurg District

  2013 (39)

▼  December (5) - Beaches in Sindhudurg

Devbaug Beach & Tsunami Island - Sindhudurg District
Tarkarli Beach - Sindhudurg District
Chivla Beach - Sindhudurg District
Devgad Beach - Sindhudurg District
Taramumbari Beach - Devgad - Sindhudurg District

▼  November (5) - Beaches in Ratnagiri

Ambolgad Beach - Ratnagiri District
Aare Ware - Twin Beach - Ratnagiri District
Ganapatipule - Ratnagiri District
Guhagar Beach - Ratnagiri District
Korlai Beach - Raigad District

▼  October (3) - Forts in Sindhudurg District

Sindhudurg Fort
Devgad Fort

▼  September (2) - Waterfall & Valley of Flowers

Madhe Ghat, Near Kelad.
Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra's Valley of Flowers!

▼  August (6) - Waterfalls

Amboli Ghat Waterfall, Maharashtra
Thoseghar Waterfall & Chalkewadi Windmills
Jog Falls, Karnataka - ( India's 5th Highest Waterfall )
Napne Sherpe Waterfall
Gokak Falls , Karnataka
Dudhsagar Waterfall , Goa

▼  June (2) - Green Ride

Green Shades of Nature! - Awesome Sunday Ride
Pabe Ghat – Velhe – Velhe Panshet Road

▼  May (3) - Forts in Ratnagiri District

Ratnadurga Fort - Ratnagiri
Jaigad Fort - Ratnagiri
Gopalgad Fort - Ratnagiri

▼  April (3) - Forts in Karnataka

Mirjan Fort - Karnataka
Kittur or Chennamma Rani Fort - Karnataka
Belgaum Fort - Karnataka

▼  March (4) - Forts in Goa

Mormugao Fort, Near Vasco, Goa
Reis Magos Fort, Goa
Fort Aguada, Goa
Chapora Fort, Goa

▼  February (2) - Forts in Satara District

Santoshgad Fort or Tathavade - Satara
Mahimangad Fort - Satara

▼  January (4) - Forts in Satara District

Vasota Fort (also called Vyaghragad) and Nageshwar...
Vardhangad and/or Wardhangad - Satara
Vasantgad Fort - Satara
Vairatgad Fort - Satara

Flamingos & Other Bird Watching at Bhigwan

Bhigwan is a small town around 100 kms away from Pune. Bhigwan is at one end of the huge Yashwant Sagar reservoir, forming the backwaters of the Ujain dam. One of the main attractions during the migratory season is the arrival of the pink greater flamingos. During the months of early Jan – late Feb., this place is thronged by bird lovers from all over Maharashtra

Ancient Step Well [ Baramotichi ]

Baramotichi Vihir in Limb village off Nagewadi, Satara. This well was completed in 1646 by Sau. Virubhai Bhosale and was meant to be a water source to all the farms around. The well is octagonal in shape and was built to look like dug-out shivling i.e. a vertical column with an arm extending to the side. It is 110 ft deep and 50 foot in diameter. This was not a traditional step-well like the ones in Rajasthan. A step-well is just a well with steps all along the sides which lead you to the bottom of the well. Of course, the design of the steps range from “just steps” to “intricately carved designs”. This one had steps from one side leading to the middle of the well from where there were look-out galleries.

For more photos see link below

Malhargad { Also Known as Sonori Fort }

Malhargad { Also Known as Sonori Fort }
Malhargad is just 35kms from Pune (Katraj). It is also called as Sonori Fort due to the village Sonori situated at its base. The fort has been named after the god Malhari and is the last fort built by the Marathas, 1775. It is also known as "Tarun Killa" (young fort) because it is the latest fort built in Maharashtra.
The fort is believed to be built to keep watch on dive ghat along the Pune-Saswad route. The fort was built during the period of 1757 to 1760. The fort was built by Bhivrao Yashvant and Krishnaji Madhavrao Panse, a Peshwa Sardar, who was the chief in charge of “Tofkhana” of the Peshwas. Citations of a visit of Elder Madhavrao Peshwe to the fort are available in historic documents. A palace, belonging to Panse, can be seen in the Sonori village though; much of it is in ruins.
The fort is in good condition. There are two temples constructed side-by-side: the smaller is of Lord Khandoba, and the bigger one is of Lord Mahadeva.

I have been to Malhargad many times.  It is very beautiful and small fort.  It takes one and half hours to reach Malhargad from Pune and less than one hour to see the entire fort.

Best time to Visit:
Best time to visit is from September to December to see greenery around otherwise one can visit this place in any season.

What to see?
Fortification, Water cisterns, Lord Khandoba & Lord Mahadeva Temple,

Water and Food
There is no water available on the fort so advice is to carry sufficient water.
Also no food is available on the fort.

Stay / Accommodation
There is no place to stay on fort.

Places around
Jadhavgad Fort, Saswad, Dive Ghat, Mastani Lake, Daulatmangal Fort (Bhuleshwar Temple), Purandar Fort
Approximate Distance from Pune

Approx. 40 Kms from Pune

For more photos see link below
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Info on Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Malhargad Fort
Panorama View  - Malhargad Fort
Panorama View  - Malhargad Fort
Panorama View  - Malhargad Fort
Panorama View  - Malhargad Fort
Panorama View  - Malhargad Fort
Panorama View  - Malhargad Fort
Panorama View  - Malhargad Fort

For more photos see link below